"The cars of Orient Express train fit nicely onto the stage with a great rendition of the train designed by Casey Kearns, with Master Carpentry by Dave MacEachen, and Scenic Painting by Joel Adam Chavez and Lelah Radostis. Lighting, costumes, and sound are excellent."
-Tom Jones 
Tom's Colorado Theatre Reviews. 

"Kearns’ excellent sets keep shifting smoothly from one scene to the next like cogs in a well-designed watch, in what must be the most complex scenic challenge in the history of the theatre."  
 - Barbara Rose Shuler, 
Monterey Herald
"The traffic patterns they’ve had to devise to move the set pieces around are so intricate that Bolen likened it to a game of Tetris...Comparing the movement of the set pieces to solving a Rubik’s cube." 
- Lily Dayton, 
Monterey Herald
"The design Casey has created is simple but elegant; a new approach to traditional painted scenery used in former productions."
- Jenny Kaelberer 
Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre
"…there must be a precise balance between the technical possibilities and the aesthetic choices to support the choreography of each piece.  Casey’s new design highlights lighting and choreography choices, creating a perfect balance." 
- Jenny Kaelberer, 
Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre
"Best Wild West Show" in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 from True West Magazine. Script, choreograph, music, sets, and lighting are all original…” 
- True West Magazine
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